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Rip Blu-ray to Archos media player

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Archos media player is a portable media player with 80 GB hard drive stores up to 70 DVD-quality movies. Comparing with your other portable devices like iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6, it has more storage space. It can play a large variety of video files, including MPEG-4, WMV and protected WMV and read MPEG-4 AAC/H.264 (.MP4 QuickTime files), MPEG-2 format video. It means that if you rip Blu-ray to Archos media player playable video, you can play your Blu-ray movies on Archos media player anywhere.

Ripping and putting Blu-ray to Archos media player supported format is not a hard job with Blu-ray Ripper (Learn Blu-ray Ripper vs. Blu-ray Copier). A Blu-ray Ripper can remove the encryption on Blu-ray discs and shift format to digital version for Archos media player.

Pavtube BDMagic is such a powerful Blu-ray ripping software. It can rip and convert Blu-ray to Archos media player compatible WMV, MPEG 4, MPEG 2 format with high resolution. It supports batch conversion that you can add more than one Blu-ray movies into the app to convert for Archos media player one by one. You can start the Blu-ray to Archos media player conversion in the evening and get the Blu-ray rips in the next morning.

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How to rip Blu-ray to Archos media player?

Step 1: Add Blu-ray movies

Click “File” to load Blu-ray to this Blu-ray to Archos media player converter. Don’t forget that you can import more than one Blu-ray movies at a time.

Step 2: Choose format for Archos media player

Click “Format” > “Common Video” and choose “WMV” as the output format, or click “Format” > “HD Video” and choose “WMV HD(*.wmv)” as the output format. And set the output saving folder by clicking “Output” and choose a folder to save the ripped files.

Tip: You can then personalize the output video by setting the video/audio parameters like resolution, frame rate, audio quality, bit rate, etc.

Step 3: Start Blu-ray to Archos media player conversion

Finally, click the “Convert” button to start ripping Blu-ray to WMV for Archos media player . The ripper can help you finish the task soon, to save your time and work.

How to Synchronize Meida to Archos Player

Here you will learn how to use Windows® Media Player 11 to move videos, music and photos from your computer’s media library to your ARCHOS device. We highly recommended you update to Windows® Media Player 11. However, the below information is valid for Windows® Media Player 10 – the only difference is the appearance of some of the screens.

1.When you plug the USB cable from your computer to the ARCHOS player, press ‘OK’ in response to the “Enable USB?” message.

2.When Windows® Media Player recognizes the ARCHOS device for the first time, it will ask you how to install the mobile device.You can choose to always synchronize the Windows® Media Player library with the ARCHOS player each time it is connected or just this once. Click on “Just this one time” and Windows® Media Player 11 will open. In the left window panel you will see your media library, and in the right panel the ARCHOS device.

3.Simply drag and drop the music albums, videos or photos from the left library window panel into the right panel. If you do not see these two panels, click on the Sync tab to see the ARCHOS device.

4. Note that the Windows® Media Player library will show the photos, music and videos that have been placed into your computer’s My Videos, My Music, and My Pictures folders under My Documents.

Now, you can play Blu-ray on Archos media player freely.
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