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Utilizing CUDA Acceleration to Rip 4K Blu-ray to H.265 for Roku 4

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While the benefits of HEVC encoding are clear, playback is essentially restricted to PCs, high-end smartphones and tablets, and a very small range of media players and consoles. Fortunately, even though you don’t have a high-end PC to play your HEVC video, you can stream your 4K video on your 4K TV via Roku 4 […]

ROKU 4 and VC1 in MKV container

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It seems that even though you have a professional Blu-ray Ripper to help you rip Blu-ray to MKV, you still can’t play them freely, even on Roku 4. That’s because some Blu-ray are encoded with VC-1 and No VC-1 hardware decoder in Roku 4. So when you rip VC-1 Blu-ray to MKV, that’s VC-1 MKV and […]

View 4K videos on Samsung TV via Roku 4

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4K is the mainstreaming in the future, that’s why 4K TV having eaten more market share than 3D TV. But it doesn’t mean you can play 4K video only on a 4K TV. For example, you can play 4K video on Samsung TV via Roku 4 since Roku 4 supports video files with 4k resolution. […]

The Best Way to Play MKV on Roku 4 with Subtitle

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Officially, the Roku 4 supports H.264 MKV. But when someone is playing the rips of Blu-ray/DVD movie collection (MKVs with no transcoding of the audio, video, etc), some noticed that many of the MKVs were not playing (“corrupt”). Why? After a bit of investigating I narrowed this down to subtitles. When we ripped our movies, many people […]

How to Backup Blu-ray for Roku 3?

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Roku supports 1800+ streaming channels including YouTube, Netflix, etc. and 200,000+ movies and TV episodes. And the Roku 3 even comes with remote with headphone jack for private listening. So watching movies on Roku 3, you never need to worrying about disturbing family in the dead evening. With this popular streaming player, how can we […]

How to Stream DVD Movie to Roku 3 for Playing on HD TV

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Want to watch movies in the evening and your wife and children hate your behavior for the noisy movies disturb their sleep? If so, get a Roku 3! This streaming player shines not only because supports 1800+ streaming channels including Netflix, etc, but also for the remote controller has headphone jack which can let the […]