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Here you can find multiple tips and tricks to play SD/HD/4K/Blu-ray/DVD videos on various media players.

Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac

Rip Blu-ray/DVD to digital files on Mac

Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac

Convert SD/HD/4K/3D video on Mac


Improve 4K Video Conversion Speed With NVIDIA GPU Acceleration

Currently, the amount of amateur 4K video being created and made public on the web is growing at a very rapid pace. This is because the number of devices that let anybody with a minor budget film at least a moderatel...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 03/05/2017

How to Play a DVD on Xbox One without internet?

Apart from professional DVD Players such as Philips DVP3690K Ultra DVD Player, Xbox One is also an excellent DVD Player which can play both DVD and Blu-ray. Of course, it also allows you to play DVD games as the profe...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 03/02/2017

Copy and Put Your DVDs to a Movie Server

For the past few years, many people have been researching a build for a new home server for personal backups and media streaming. A movie server allows you to quickly view your entire collection on the screen. Large c...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/28/2017

Convert Blu-ray to Digital – Keep your Blu-rays forever

How long does it take since you buy the last Blu-ray disc? How many Blu-ray discs have you collected? Is it annoying to waste time to search the disc you need and insert it to heavy Blu-ray player and finally you can ...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/26/2017

Free AVCHD Players for Mac, PC, iOS, Android

AVCHD is a format that is used to store digital recording and HD videos. It is predominantly used in camcorders of high repute. Normally, the default media players on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac can't play AVCHD fil...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/23/2017

Convert DVD to 3D SBS for VR One Plus Playback

Do you want to immerse yourself into whole new worlds? Try to use your smartphone and a Zeiss VR One Plus Virtual Reality Headset. This lightweight Zeiss VR One Plus Virtual Reality Headset is easy to wear for comfort...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/21/2017

Different Free VR Video Players for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac

Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining huge attention among people since the past few years, and its demand is quite visible, to make it simple and short, let just say it gives a 360-degree view or a panoramic view of a game...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/19/2017

Easiest Way to Convert VIDEO_TS to MP4 on Mac

Have you copied DVD to Video-TS folder on Mac? With times goes by, you maybe find that you can't play these Video-TS file nor edit them on your Mac. To use Video-TS folder, you simply need to convert these Video-TS to...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/16/2017

3 Ways to Convert IFO Files to MP4 in H.265/H.264

If you open a DVD in Windows Explorer or My Computer and double-click on an .ifo file on the DVD, the DVD may not start or play. If DVD playback starts, it may be incomplete, the playback may not function properly, an...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/14/2017

How to Watch 3D Blu-ray on Xbox One S?

XBox One S includes an inbuilt UHD Blu-Ray player which can be used for DVD, Blu-Ray or the newer UHD discs. Moreover, in Xbox One support page, it says that Xbox One supports 3D Blu-ray discs when played on 3D TVs. ...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/10/2017

Copy HD Sex Porn DVD Movies in a Clean and Safe Way

Rumor says that Blu-ray will replace DVD and the result of DVD is dead. But in one field, HD DVD is the forever - Porn Movies. After all, spending too much money on a film that the only effect is to make you wank is a...Read More >>  →

Camille Wesley 02/08/2017

Play Popular Adult 3D Porn XXX Videos on Mac, PC, TV, Mobiles

! Warning: The content is inappropriate for readers under 18! As an adult, it will be understood that you have the desire. And there are many online websites to watch HD 3D xxx video clips and 3D HQ porno movies ...Read More >>  →

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