iPad Pro

The new iPad is just called the iPad Pro. Or perhaps it’s the iPad Pro 9.7-inch, sort of like the MacBook Pro gets identified by its screen size. No matter it is called the new iPad Pro,9.7inch iPad Pro or iPad Pro 2, the iPad Pro family is just like iPad Mini and iPad Air that has multiple members, not just single one any more. 

Even though iPad Pro can bring us lots of entertainment, you can’t deny that the biggest usage of iPad Pro for common people is to watch movies on it. So what should you know about playing movies on iPad Pro? Now, read on the article to learn everything about iPad Pro.

First, you should learn which media files that you can play on iPad Pro, if you don’t know yet, please read Apple iPad Pro/Mini 4 Supported Video Formats 

Then, as for those MKV, AVI, 4K and other iPad Pro unsupported video format, including those MP4, M4V, MOV with iPad Pro incompatible vide codec, if you want to play them on iPad Pro, how should you do? Don’t worry, you can find the best solution to solve this kind problems:

If you recorded some vidoes with your camcorders, you still can find the relevant guide to teach you to play these recorded videos on iPad Pro:

When you have some wonderful Blu-ray/DVD movies and want to watch them on iPad Pro, is there a way to help you achieve it? Sure. Just find the tutorial you need  at below:

Last,  you maybe interested in if there is any competitor to iPad Pro:

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