Rip Blu-ray to HD MPEG-TS with Subtitle for Apple TV

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Even if you are, you may have a sizeable collection of Blu-ray movies, gathering dust in their cases and gobbling up valuable shelf space. And then there’s the Blu-ray player itself, hulking there under your telly as a reminder of a bygone age of ugly black boxes. But there’s a simple, streamlined solution. Why not rip these Blu-rays disc to a hard drive, where you can access Blu-ray movies any time via an Apple TV?

Wed searching "Rip blu-ray to Apple TV", you will find it is not hard. But if you want to keep subtitles when ripping Blu-ray to ATV, it will cost you a long time for searching the way. The key of the process is that you can find a product that also copy subtitle in Blu-ray movies and meanwhile exports Apple TV playable MPEG TS HD video.

Pavtube BDMagic is especially made for Blu-ray ripping, conversion and backup. And it takes everything from the Blu-ray, including the subtitles. It helps you copy and rip Blu-ray to TS files or other Apple TV supported MP4, MOV, and M4V video with AC3 codec 5.1 audio. It allows you to rip Blu-ray to Apple TV video with forced subtitle that the subtitles will be shown only when the characters speaking a foreign language. It also makes you choose your desired subtitle streaming (A Blu-ray movie often contains several subtitle/audio tracks) and convert Blu-ray PGS subtitle to dvdsub then your Apple TV and Plex can stream Blu-ray rips with subtitle.

Besides Blu-ray, BDMagic also can rip DVD to Apple TV with subtitle and 5.1 surround sound. If you are on Mac, please turn to Pavtube BDMagic for Mac for ripping Blu-ray to HD MPEG-TS on Mac OS X (macOS Sierra included). If you want to learn more about BDMagic, please read BDMagic review.

Next let’s have a look at how to convert Blu-ray to HD MPEG-TS video with Pavtube Best Tool.

Free Download and trail:


Rip Blu-ray to HD MPEG-TS with Subtitle for Apple TV

1.Load Disc: Insert your Blu-ray disc into Blu-ray drive. Launch the Top Blu-ray to TS Ripper and click “Disc” button to import the Blu-ray movies. At the bottom of the chapter list, you can choose wanted subtitle streaming. If you want to rip Blu-ray to ATV with forced subtitle, please check "Forced Subtitles", otherwise, uncheck it.

Load Blu-ray

2.Choose output format: Clicking the Format bar, here you can select “MPEG-TS HD Video (.ts)” for your ATV from the Common Video profile list as the target format as your favorite ts profile. You can search "TS" in the search box at the bottom right corner quickly.

Tip: You can also check the “Settings” box , and set video codec, video size, Bitrate, frame rate to get a decent video you want on your Apple TV 4/3/2/1.

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3.Start the conversion: When all settins are done, what you need to do now is to click the big Convert button and the program will begin ripping Blu-ray to HD MPEG-TS video for your Apple TV immediately.

So there you have it. You can store your HD MPEG-TS video on WD disc then connect to your ATV for streaming. Pretty simple. If you want to convert Blu-ray videos to various format and your devices, this Blu-ray ripper will be absolutely the best choice. Just get it and have a try!

Note: If your Blu-ray has 5.1 sound and you want to rip Blu-ray with 5.1 surround sound for your Apple TV, Pavtube BDMagic can convert Blu-ray to Apple TV Dolby Digital Pass-through video with AC3 5.1 audio. See the detailed guide: Convert 5.1 HD Video To Apple TV Pass-Through or you also can convert Blu-ray to Plex with DTS 5.1 or AC3 5.1.

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3 Ways to Convert MKV to MP4 for iTunes Playing

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iTunes only supports MP4 and QuickTime format video files, so many of the videos you come across on the web like MKV can’t be added directly to iTunes or transferred to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve — all you have to do is convert the MKV videos to MP4 files using some tools below. Once yo have, you can add them to iTunes and use them like any other file i Tunes supports.

Best MKV to MP4 Converter Recommendation

MKV to MP4 ConverterPavtube Video Converter Ultimate is the best MKV to MP4 converter that can re-encode any codec MKV to iTunes supported H.264/MPEG-4 MP4 with excellent video quality  so that you can transfer the MP4 files from iTunes to iPhone 7, iPhone 6S (Plus), iPhone SE, iPhone 6,  iPad Pro, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, etc.

  • Re-encode H.264, H.265/HEVC, DivX, XviD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 MKV to H.264/MPEG-4 MP4 for iTunes.
  • Convert 2160p/1080p/720p MKV to iTunes supported MP4
  • Transcode MKV to 2160P/1080/720P/540P MP4 for iTunes streaming


Method 1: Convert MKV to MP4 for iTunes with Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Method 2: Convert MKV to MP4 using VLC for iTunes streaming

Method 3: Convert MKV to MP4 for iTunes with Handbrake

Method 1: Convert MKV to MP4 for iTunes with Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Click “File” or the file icon right below it to follow “Load from folder” to import MKV files to Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. Batch conversion features allows you to add multiple MKV files to convert. If your MKV files have multiple subtitle streaming, you can choose only one to preserve. Choose the subtitle and audio track in “Subtitle” and “Audio”.

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load mkv files to mkv video converter

Step 2. S Click the format bar to follow “HD Video” and “H.264 HD MP4(*.mp4).” for iTunes. You also can choose MP4 from “Common Video” category. Actually, you also can choose iPhone, iPad, Apple TV presets. These formats must be supported by iTunes.

Step 3. Click the obvious red button on the bottom-right corner to realize conversion from MKV films to MP4 which is supported by iTunes. Then a conversion window pops up to performing MKV films to iTunes conversion.

conversion from mkv films to itunes m4v

After conversion, run iTunes on your Windows computer. Click “File” to follow “Add to library” to transfer the converted MKV films stored in your Windows computer or Mac to iTunes library. And it is easy for you to sync local contents to iTunes on your computer.

Method 2: Convert MKV to MP4 using VLC for iTunes streaming

1. Open VLC player, click on the Media menu, select Convert/Save (or use Ctrl +R).

convert MKV to MP4 with VLC

2. In “Open Media” window, under File selection of File tab, click ‘Add ‘to add the Video file you want to convert to MP4 format.

After adding a video file, click “convert/save” and a window opens showing source and destination file paths.

3. Now click ‘Browse’ under ‘Destination’ and name the “Destination File” name as desired with mp4 extension and click ‘Save’

4. Opposite to Profile under Settings, choose Video-H.264+ MP3 (Mp4) format as shown in figure. Beside the chosen mp4 format, select “edit profile settings” which appears with wrench icon and, under Encapsulation tab select ‘MP4/MOV’ and save the changes.

5. Click ‘Start’ for the VLC player to begin the conversion to MP4 file, after the conversion, VLC player saves converted file in destination file path.

Using the above steps, we’ve successfully converted a MKV file to MP4, you can also do that as well.

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3D to VLC DVD to VLC Blu-ray to VLC

Method 3: Convert MKV to MP4 for iTunes with Handbrake

1. Be sure that the Handbrake has been downloaded and installed to your computer program. When that is done, you can proceed to launch it.

Read: Handbrake review | Handbrake DVD Ripping Tutorial

2. Import files- you will have to add all MKV files that you will convert to the program timeline. From the menu bar, click on “source” then “open file” among the options appearing on the dropdown menu. That will allow you to browse through the computer and locate files for importing.

Load DVD to Handbrake

3. The next step will be choosing the right output setting which is MP4. At this point, you need to give your files new names and select the folder to store them.

4. To accomplish your mission, click the “start” button and process will begin. It will take little time for that to be accomplished.

Of course, you can use almost any video converter to convert a video file to MP4 format and add it to iTunes. The above options are some of the best, but any video converter will do.

Do you prefer another video converter we didn’t cover here? Leave a comment and share your preferred tool!

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Put All Torrent movies to iTunes Library for Apple TV Streaming

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For a cinephile, people has many ways to enjoy movies: watch movies in the theater/on the TV, stream Blu-ray/DVD and download movies from torrent site. Many people like to stream the downloaded torrent movies on Apple TV 4/3/2/1 via iTunes then they don’t need to add the movie to the playlist one by one. However, not all torrent movies can be put into iTunes for Apple TV freely; 

“I download torrents via Kickass Torrents and / or Lime Torrents and download the files with uTorrent. I want to watch via my AppleTV from iTunes to my living room television set but some movies can’t be put in, why?” 


I think even though you don’t have an Apple product, you also know Apple product has its own ecosystem, which prevents iTunes store source from outflowing into other OS system devices and also keep strict requirement on the inpouring source. For videos, if you want to add external content to iTunes for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, you should make sure your video is in the right format for iTunes: .m4v .mp4 .mov. 

So if you can’t add torrent movies to iTunes, the main causes of failure probably is the format incompatibility. In the case, you need a video coverter to transcode the format to iTunes and Apple TV friendly ones. 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate <Mac version> is strongly recommended here for its stability on Windows 10 and versatility. It can re-encode H.265, MKV, AVI, MP4, AVI,WMV, FLV, TS, VOB, AVCHD, M2TS, even Blu-ray, DVD to iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV compatible format. Apart from transcoding unsupported torrent movies to iTunes supported MP4, MOV, M4V video, this video converter also can output iPhone, iPad and Apple TV preset equipping with optimized A/V parameters. Of course, you also can adjust the video and audio codec, size, bitrate, channel, etc on your own. 

It has many functions including video transcoding and video editing function, if you want to learn more about it, you can read its review. There are several features that deserve you to notice: batch conversion, adjust aspect ratio, choose desired subtitle, remove/replace audio, add external subtitle. 

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Free download and install 

Other Download: 
– Pavtube old official address: 
– Cnet Download: 

How to Convert Torrent movies to iTunes for Apple TV 

Step 1: Add torrent movies 

Make sure your torrent movies on your PC. Then download and have a quick video converter installation. The trial version will have a watermark on your converted files. Except for that, there are no time limitation, no virus, and no unnecessary bundle apps while downloading. After that, click “Add Video” button to load your torrent movies files. You can load several files at once thanks to “Add from folder” button. 

To choose desired subtitle and audio track, you can click and open the drop down list of “Subtitle” and “Audio” at the bottom of the chapter list. 


Step 2. Choose format for iTunes 

You should select a friendly iTunes format for the output files. M4V is one of the supported iTunes format with the H.264 codec, which means that you can use this as an example. Click on the format image to get the pop-up window with the output formats then choose freely. 


a.If the preset video/audio parameters can’t meet your needs, just click Settings icon to adjust the video bitrate, codec, frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channel, etc. 

b. If you wanna keep your original subtitle or add new, you can click on “Edit” button, the video editor will pop up. Tap “Subtitle” option and check the “Enable” icon. Then, by clicking on “Browse” to add *.srt, *.ass, *.ssa subtitle file you’ve downloaded. 

Step 3: Convert torrent movies to iTunes for ATV 

Hit the big Convert bar to start the torrent movies to iTunes (12 included) conversion. The conversion time mainly depends on your source video file size. When the conversion is finished, you can click “Open” to get the generated M4V files, which also can be played on Apple TV /4/3/2/1. 

Now, it is the time to sync converted torrent movies to iTunes, open iTunes and go to File > Add to Library or directly drag and drop the converted video to iTunes. And then find the video in the Movies category. Then sync iTunes library to Apple TV to stream torrent movies as below steps. 

Sync your Apple TV with iTunes 

1.Make sure the computer you want to sync with is on, and iTunes is open. 

2.On your Apple TV, choose Settings > Computers > Add Shared iTunes Library, and note the passcode displayed. 

3. Click the Devices button near the top of the iTunes window to access your Apple TV, and enter the passcode. 

You also can directly add the converted torrent movies to Apple TV to enjoy your movies in your bedroom via television set. 

For more Apple TV media streaming issues, please visit the page

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Steps to Convert Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes on Mac/PC

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With high resolution, Blu-ray is ruling the Home Entertainment. You might have paid a good amount of money for your Blu-ray collections and they can get be quite bulky. Now, you may just consider converting Blu-ray to MOV then transfer to iTunes so that you can watch the Blu-ray movies via iTunes on your iPhone SE, iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 9.7/12.9, Apple TV 4. But unfortunately, Apple does not create software to allow you to copy Blu-ray into iTunes directly.

MOV is a file extension developed by Apple, it normally represents QuickTime multimedia file, often used in websites and in a lot of digital cameras, compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.To rip Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes playback on PC/Mac, you need a third-party software – Blu-ray Ripper to help you remove encryption of Blu-ray and shift format to MOV for iTunes. Here the guide just show you the specified tutorial on convert Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes syncing to any iOS devices on PC/Mac. 

Tools Needed

To follow this guide, you will need the following tools:

  • Blu-ray Ripper
  • A Windows computer or a Mac
  • Blu-ray Discs

As for Blu-ray Ripper, if you don’t any idea, I suggest you Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac and Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows <review>. This is a top-ranked Blu-ray to iTunes converter. You can see it in many top Blu-ray Ripper reviews online and recommendations for it on many forums.

Key Features of Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac

  • 1:1 backup Blu-ray/DVD with original video structure on PC/Mac.
  • Copy Blu-ray/DVD keeping main title on PC/Mac
  • Rip DVD/Blu-ray to MOV, M4V, MP4 for iTunes with excellent video quality
  • Copy Blu-ray/DVD to lossless MKV with multiple subtitle/audio streaming and all chapter markers and multitrack MP4/MOV on /PC/Mac.
  • Make users choose desired subtitle, forced subtitle, keep multiple subtitles, extract srt subtitle from DVD/Bluray moveis and to add external subtitle to DVD/Blu-ray movies
  • Enables users to adjust video codec, bitrate, frame rate, size, audio channel, codec, bitrate and display aspect ratio
  • Mac version is compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard
  • Windows version supports Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10

Free download and install:

Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address:
– Cnet Download:

How to Convert Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes on PC/Mac

Note: The snapshots are from Windows version but the Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes convresion steps are suitable for both Windows version and Mac version.

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Step 1. Load Blu-ray movie

Insert your purchased Blu-ray disc into the disc drive, and run Mac Blu-ray ripper on your computer. Click “File” > “Load from disc” to realize Blu-ray movie loading work. Batch conversion supported allows you import more than one Blu-ray movies to convert to MOV. 

Step 2: Choose MOV format

Navigate to “Format’ > “Common Video” > “MOV – QuickTime(*.mov)”. To play Blu-ray via iTunes, you also can choose multitrack MOV and multitrack MP4 from multi-track video profile.

Tip: There are an array of tweaking options can be manually handled by clicking the Settings icon next to Format. You can make changes at this point such as video codec, aspect ratio or video size.

Step 3: Start Blu-ray to MOV conversion 

Now we are ready for the ripping. Click the “Convert” button at the bottom-right of the screen to begin the Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes ripping process. A progress bar will display how far along you are in the process, and when the conversion is complete you will see the succeeded status displayed.

Typical ripping time may be around a few minutes, but will vary depending on your hardware of computer, output parameters you set, and size of the disc. After the Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes conversion, you can sync the ripped Blu-ray movies to iTunes on PC/Mac. 

Finally, you can watch Blu-ray movies via iTunes on Apple TV 4, Apple TV 3, iPhone SE, iPhone 7,  iPhone 6S (Plus), iPad Pro 9.7/12.9, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 4, etc, 

Related Software:
Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac can convert MKV to MOV for iTunes, convert AVI to iTunes, compress 4K to iTunes, covert FLV to iTunes, convert H.265 to iTunes, convert FLAC to iTunes, convert MWV to iTunes, etc. And if you get Blu-ray to iTunes and any Video to iTunes converter from Pavtube together, you can get a discount:
ByteCopy($42) + Video Converter Ultimate($65) = Only $79.9, Save $27.1 

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FLAC to iTunes – How to Import FLAC Audio to iTunes on Mac?

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People like to extract FLAC audio from Blu-ray/DVD or bought it from the Metallica website for its small size and high quality. But unfortunately, this excellent FLAC can’t be played in iTunes on your iPhone, iPad. That’s because Apple has home-brewed lossless codec – Apple Lossless, which provides the same bit-for-bit quality as FLAC, and is supported by iTunes and iOS devices. So if you have many FLAC audio on your Mac and want to transfer these FLAC to iTunes for playing on your iPhone/iPad, what should you do?

For playing FLAC files in iTunes, what you only can do maybe is just to convert FLAC to Apple Lossless. With Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac, you can easily get the task done. This maybe is the only comfort for this pity. The product is a Bu-ray ripper for Mac + DVD Ripper for Mac + Audio Extractor for Mac and Video Converter for Mac. It can transcode FLAC to Apple Lossless for iTunes with fast speed. It allows you to adjust audio size, codec, bitrate and sample rate for outputting better audio for playback in iTunes. With it, you can turn nearly all kinds of audio formats such as AIFF, AAC, FLAC, AC3, MP2, OGG, DTS, WMA, RA to iTunes playable MP3, M4A, WAV format.

Its equivalent Windows product is Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. With it, you can change FLAC to iTunes supported Apple Lossless on Windows. Now, you can free download and install iMedia Converter on Mac at below:


Other Download:
– Pavtube old official address:
– Cnet Download:

How to play FLAC in iTunes on Mac?

Step 1: Import source audio to app

Simply drag and drop FLAC files to the main interface of Pavtube FLAC to iTunes Converter; click “Add File” button to open FLAC files that you want to transcode. 

Step 2:  Select MP3 as the output format

Click “Format” and navigate to “Common Audio”. In the drop-down list to set “MP3 MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)” as output format.

Step 3: Start the FLAC to iTunes process

Go back to the main interface if you have done all the preparation work. Hit the ‘Convert’ button to get our job started. The process will take you some time, which mainly depends on the size of all imported FLAC files and the performance of your Mac computer. 

Now, you can sync the converted FLAC to iTunes on Mac. When the process finished, you should be able to listen FLAC audio in iTunes successfully. 

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