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Can’t Add MP4 to iTunes? Solved!

Camille Wesley No Comments

Why Can’t Add MP4 to iTunes? iTunes provides the effective way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows. However some users complain that when they try to add MP4 video files to iTunes library. nothing showed., they just click “add file to library” or drag the files to iTunes, what’s happening? even […]

Rip Blu-ray to HD MPEG-TS with Subtitle for Apple TV

Camille Wesley No Comments

Even if you are, you may have a sizeable collection of Blu-ray movies, gathering dust in their cases and gobbling up valuable shelf space. And then there’s the Blu-ray player itself, hulking there under your telly as a reminder of a bygone age of ugly black boxes. But there’s a simple, streamlined solution. Why not […]

3 Ways to Convert MKV to MP4 for iTunes Playing

Camille Wesley No Comments

iTunes only supports MP4 and QuickTime format video files, so many of the videos you come across on the web like MKV can’t be added directly to iTunes or transferred to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve — all you have to do is convert the MKV videos to MP4 files […]

Put All Torrent movies to iTunes Library for Apple TV Streaming

Camille Wesley No Comments

For a cinephile, people has many ways to enjoy movies: watch movies in the theater/on the TV, stream Blu-ray/DVD and download movies from torrent site. Many people like to stream the downloaded torrent movies on Apple TV 4/3/2/1 via iTunes then they don’t need to add the movie to the playlist one by one. However, not […]

Steps to Convert Blu-ray to MOV for iTunes on Mac/PC

Camille Wesley No Comments

With high resolution, Blu-ray is ruling the Home Entertainment. You might have paid a good amount of money for your Blu-ray collections and they can get be quite bulky. Now, you may just consider converting Blu-ray to MOV then transfer to iTunes so that you can watch the Blu-ray movies via iTunes on your iPhone […]

FLAC to iTunes – How to Import FLAC Audio to iTunes on Mac?

Camille Wesley No Comments

People like to extract FLAC audio from Blu-ray/DVD or bought it from the Metallica website for its small size and high quality. But unfortunately, this excellent FLAC can’t be played in iTunes on your iPhone, iPad. That’s because Apple has home-brewed lossless codec – Apple Lossless, which provides the same bit-for-bit quality as FLAC, and is supported by iTunes […]