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How to Extract Audio with VLC

Camille Wesley No Comments

A wonderful video can’t leave the audio, most movies take the perfect music for us, some music fans love the music in video and want to know how to extract the audio from video. If you are a VLC users, you are so lucky to be here, VLC is not just a Media Player, it […]

M3USstream No Longer Plays on VLC?

Camille Wesley No Comments

Question: VLC is an excellent media player which can play multiple videos, like the PLS, XSPF, WVX, CONF, ASX, IFO, CUE, and others. However, as the long time VLC user, always have been a fan. I find I can’t play the M3Uon VLC smoothly? What’s happening? VLC doesn’t support the M3U videos any more? Trouble: […]

How to Sync the Audio in VLC?

Camille Wesley No Comments

Playing the video in VLC is a happy thing, but we may meet the video and audio sync issue which affect the video enjoyment, especially the foreign language, we can’t get the best video experience. VLC is an excellent video player, video converter, you can sync audio in VLC media player on Windows and Mac […]

Play WMV with VLC on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

Camille Wesley No Comments

WMV is a common video format which is supported by Windwos media player. As known to all, Microsoft discontinued Windows Media Player for Mac way back in 2006, so users have to find another way to play WMV on Mac (macOS High Sierra). VLC is a famous media player which can play most video, however, […]

VLC will not play certain mp4 files – Solved!

Camille Wesley No Comments

Have you ever met the issue when playing MP4 files with VLC: "VLC will not play certain mp4 h264 files.  Some h264 files work, others don’t." VLC does play MP4 files, but it has strict limitations on video codec, video bitrate, etc. So sometimes, you maybe not able to play certain MP4 files on VLC. […]

How to fix HD TS choppy playback with VLC?

Camille Wesley No Comments

You need a video player on PC that can play DVD movies, get a VLC media player. QuickTime can’t open .wmv files on Mac, get a VLC media player. HEVC video gets more and more popular, but there are few media players can play HEVC video. If you are not sure which media player can […]

How to Play MKV on VLC Smoothly?

Camille Wesley No Comments

VLC is one of the most popular media players people love to use for its strong power to play any video including the MKV container files. But sometimes, powerful as VLC will encounter MKV playback issue. Many feedbacks unveiled that VLC was very slow to play MKV once in a while. Below is just one […]

Solution to Can’t play .avi files on VLC

Camille Wesley No Comments

Whenever meeting video playback troubleshooting on Windows or Mac, people are accustomed to turn to VLC. It seems like VLC can play every video with any extension and codec. Unfortunately, VLC isn’t powerful as you imaged, even a AVI file can encounter playback issue on VLC. Let’s look at an example: “VLC is crashing trying to […]

How can You watch a 3D video in 3D or regular 2D with VLC?

Camille Wesley No Comments

When you need a media player to play your local videos on PC, it is likely that you will choose VLC media player definitely instead of any of the other media players available. Why people like VLC? The reason being, it is indeed a proven fact that VLC media player can play almost all the media file formats that you […]

How to Play H.265 encoded videos on VLC Player?

Camille Wesley No Comments

VLC Media Player is the most powerful and popular media players on PC and Mac. It can update in time every time to support 4K video and the new video codec, like H.265 video. However, according to the feedback of VLC users, when they play H.265 video on VLC, they sometimes get this information:That’s because although VLC […]

How to Watch 4K Video in VLC?

Camille Wesley No Comments

Since the legendary open source video playback application VLC updated to offer 4K playback, it has been the primary 4K player on computer for people. But, from the feedback, it shows that it’s actually not easy to play 4K video in VLC. Like the question on tomsguide, the common issue when watching 4K video in VLC is choppy. […]

Play Blu-ray on VLC Media Player Freely

Camille Wesley one comments

VLC maybe is the most popular media player software, which can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. Its official site claims that the 2.0 and later version support Blu-ray media playback with some extra operations. Many people confuse the operations and don’t know how to do it specifically. Here, I can instruct you the […]

Rip and Copy DVD to VLC on Mac OS X with VLC Alternative

Camille Wesley No Comments

How to rip and copy DVD to VLC on Mac OS X is an everlasting and hot issue in all relevant digital copy, video conversion forums and bulletins. Backing up DVD to VLC means that you can enjoy your favorite DVD videos on computer conveniently and can protect your physical DVD disc from scratching. That’s […]