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Why Do You Need to Copy DVD movies?

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Maybe you have used the DVD movie for 1 year, you are a old DVD movie collector and have collected 700+ DVD disc. However, do you really know your DVD movies? Do you know the way to manage and keep the DVD movie forever? At present, more and more people like to copy DVD movies, […]

How to Play MP4 on DVD Player

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DVD player is the common device at home, which is designed for playing DVD disc or CD disc, most people want to play MP4 on DVD player, also know the direct and basic way is to burn MP4 to DVD disc, but why can’t play DVD disc on DVD player after created DVD from MP4? […]

How to play videos from USB on DVD Player?

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Most users like to play DVD disc on DVD Player, in fact, DVD Player hold another function: USB port, in other words, you can store the video in USB, then you can play videos from USB on DVD Player. Do you like to share and enjoy the video with family on TV? It’s really a […]

How to Play All AVI files on Panasonic DVD Player Smoothly?

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Have you met the trouble that you can’t play some AVI files on Panasonic DVD Player via USB? If you searched on Google, you would find that it was a common issue. So you might ask whether Panasonic DVD Player supports AVI files or not. The anwer will be yes, partly. Why did I say […]

Why won’t my Portable DVD Player play DVD discs?

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Portable DVD Player gives you video entertainment as portable as music. It makes your DVD movie library available almost anywhere. The ability to play DVDs frees you from the need to manage digital movie files. To make your enjoyment on Portable DVD Player more smooth, here the article will focus on the issues that portable […]

Solution on H.264 Won’t Play on Sony DVD Player

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Every time when you load H.264 to Sony DVD Players for playing, it stops working? Your Sony DVD Players even can’t recognize your H.264 video files? This article offers you the best solution to playing H.264 video on Sony DVD player. Learn how to. Q 1 : Viewing H.264 Files on Sony DVD Players. “ I […]

How to Play a WMV File on a Standard DVD Player?

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Many people have lots of WMV files that want to play on a standard DVD player like the below questioner:“I have a .wmv movie I would like to burn to a DVD to play on a standard DVD player connected to my TV (not just on my computer). I have several pieces of software that […]

Failure to Play TV Programmes on Old DVD Player, What Format Should I Change to?

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People have different desires for video conversion, like changing their TV programmes to their old DVD player as below. When you come across this need, what should you do?“I recently downloaded TV programmes off the internet to watch at a later date and I like to change the format to AVI so it works in […]