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Windows Media Player 12 Can’t Play CDs? Solved!

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Windows Media Player 12 won’t give you the option to rip a CD unless there’s an audio CD in the computer’s drive. Now if there isn’t a CD in the drive, the only choices are Organize, Stream and Playlist. However, once you insert a CD in the computer’s drive, the option to “Rip CD” and […]

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone 8 to Computer?

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Apple released the new iPhone 8 which is stronger than iPhone 7. You can download the wonderful videos on the iPhone 8, watch the videos on iPhone 8, take the 4K video from iPhone 8 and so on. Do you want to save the videos on your PC or watch the video on PC with […]

3 Solutions for Playing Blu-ray on Windows 10

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Windows 10 is the latest Windows version, however, recently, lots of uses are looking for the way to play Blu-ray on Windows 10. They complain that Windows 10 can play DVD well, but doesn’t work on Blu-ray discs. Even though Windows 10 can support for MKV and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). in fact, Windows […]

Best Video Converter for Windows 10

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In normal life, except the music, video is the main entertainment way, we can smile, cry or scream due to a movie content. Every one watch the video on Windows 10 with different media players, that’s the reason why you need a Video Converter for Windows 10. Different media player can support some video format […]

How to Play ISO with VLC on Mac (masOS High Sierra)

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How to Play ISO with VLC on Mac/PC? Even though there are many media player in market, VLC is still at the leading role position. VLC can support wide variety of formats, powerful streaming options. At the same time, the fast video playback speed, open source and multiple platform attracts many users. If you have […]

How to Convert VLC Videos to MP4 on Mac (masOS High Sierra)

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VLC is a popular video player and contacts many users, about the VLC files, most user choose to convert VLC files to MP4 which can be supported by most media player, NLE, video share: Youtube, Facebook, etc, portable devices and so on. Even though VLC can convert VLC files to MP4, most user seem not […]

Play HEVC/H.265 with Windows Media Player on Windows 10

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I know Windows Media Player is the default video player for Windows 10. But when you want to ask that if you can play HEVC video on Windows, you’d better disjoin these two questions to ask: "Does Windows 10 support HEVC?" and "Can I Play HEVC/H.265 with Windows Media Player?". Why? That’s because the answer is […]

Get Windows Media Player to Play .ts Files

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This article explains how to play .TS files in Windows Media Player when you have acquired from the web. TS files are MPEG-2 video files (TS == Transport Stream), recordings of television broadcasts (in high definition). This article will cover some of the options you have for getting WMP to playback of these type of files. What are TS […]

Windows Media Player: Can it play FLV??

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An active web video consumer must know that almost all websites store video in the FLV format (so-called Flash Video). In spite of its growing popularity, however, FLV is not supported by most mobile devices and, even if you want to play FLV video on your PC or Mac, you would still have to install […]

How to Play Ogg and FLAC Files in WMP?

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Ogg is an mp3-like compression audio format except that it is open-source and patent free. For these reasons many audio users prefer this format over MP3 files. FLAC is a lossless audio format. This means that the audio is compressed, but there is no loss in quality. Unfortunately, both OGG and FLAC can’t played in Windows Media Player […]

Windows media player can’t open mp4 from DJI Phantom/Inspire/Mavic

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As the market leader in easy-to-fly drones and aerial photography systems, DJI quadcopters like the Phantom are the standard in consumer drone technology. Not only the Phantom series, but the INSPIRE and OSMO are salable. When you had a flight and then want to transfer your DJI Phantom/Inspire/Mavic Quadcopters footage to PC for playing with Windows Media Player or edit in […]

How to Play MP4 Videos in Windows Media Player?

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Before you meet trouble in playing MP4 in Windows Media Player, you perhaps originally thought MP4 could be played with any media player. Now, you should know Windows Media Player is the exception: “I am not able to play MP4 video files in wmp 11.  It says these files are not supported by wmp.  Can […]

How to Play DVD movies with Windows Media Player

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Have collected a bunch of DVD movies and hope to insert them to Windows Media Player for direct playing? However, most of the questions that you might encounter are Can Windows Media Player play DVDs? How to play DVD with Windows Media Player? How to solve WMP playing DVD error. However, this is not to say […]

How to Play VOB Files on Windows Media Player ?

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VOB files are essential to DVDs and can be taken from a disk in order to place a copy of a movie on a user’s computer. When people have VOB files, they sometimes want to play the VOB files with Windows Media Player, but they meet troubles:“During a Training Course I uploaded some related video […]

Convert MKV to WMV for Windows Media Player

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MKV video is well-know and wildly accepted by its open source and unlimited video/audio streams holding ability. MKV also quite popular on the internet for sharing HD video content, like cartoon and anime. Normally the Windows Media Player latest version on Windows 10 supports MKV file support. But there are still many people that can’t play MKV in […]

Get Aspect Ratio(4:3 or 16:9) Workaround in DVD Ripping process

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It’s well-known to all that the aspect ratio of a video means the ratio between the width and height of the image and the most common aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9. Imagine if your 4:3 aspect ratio video is used to playback on a widescreen display device with 16:9 aspect ratio, what would happen? […]

Rip and Backup Blu-ray to Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player makes you enjoy nearly all kinds of videos on your Windows computer. But it must meet its Waterloo in Blu-ray. That’s because Blu-ray has DRM copy protection, like AACS and BD+. If Microsoft corporation wants to play Blu-ray on Windows Media Player, he would have to pay Sony a royalty for Blu-ray […]