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PS4 Slim can’t play some MP4 codec? Solved!

Camille Wesley No Comments

Though PS4 Slim claims to support MP4 files, sometimes most users still can’t play MP4 files on PS4 Slim well. Why cannot play MP4 on PS4 Slim? What’s happening? As known to all, MP4 video files can hold different video codec, this is why some MP4 video files are not supported by PS4 Slim. In […]

How to Play 4K videos on PS4 Slim with 4K TV

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Since we have known PlayStation 4 from Sony, they never stop the developing step. PS4 Slim is more powerful, smaller in volume, lighter weight compared with the original PS4. Most users are eager to know that PS4 Slim can work on 4K TV or not. The PS4 Slim will work on a 4K TV. However […]

How to Watch Blu-ray on PS4?

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As known to all, PS4 can play DVD and Blu-ray disc, the operating step is easy, you just need to insert the Blu-ray disc to the PS4 Blu-ray drive, PS4 will detect the disc, you need to wait for a while, then you will see the screen show the Blu-ray disc, you can use the […]

Best Way to Play DVDs on PS4 Slim

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Mention Games console, PS4 Slim does the remarkable job which attracts many game players. As for gaming function, the PS4 Slim is superb, playing DVD games on PS4 Slim is a special experience. Have you got a new PS4 Slim and finish the perfect PS4 Slim set up? Want to play multiple DVD movies on PS4 Slim […]

How to play 4K Video on PS4 Pro

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Have you played 4K video (MP4/MKV) on PS4 Pro successfully? Which equipment is the best alternative of Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft Xbox One, no doubt, it’s the latest PS4 Pro (PlayStation 4) which is developed by Sony. PS4 Pro has the stunning graphics with 4K and HDR, load games quickly and enhances some PS4 […]

How to Play DVD on PS4 Pro

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Can You Watch DVD on PS4 Pro Happily? PS4 has different capabilities than the PS3 which did not support game recording, broadcasting, sharing video. Also PS3 doesn’t have game-independent chat, or a music player that worked while games were running. So the PS4 Pro does lots of things that the PS3 can’t do. You have installed […]

How to Setup Xbox/PS4 controller with HTC Vive?

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This page instructs you how to set up PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 controller with HTC Vive to play games and watch videos. You can watch the instructions by clicking the corresponding title below to read the relevant tutorial. How to Set up an Xbox One controller with the HTC Vive? How to Set up […]

How to Play Videos With Subtitle From USB With PS4 Media Player?

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PS4 has its own internal media player, which can be downloaded simply by clicking the icon on your main PlayStation 4 menu screen. This has given users the opportunity this time round to play a lot of file formats, including the increasingly popular MKV container through USB stick. However, issue occurs that sometimes when playing […]

Play Supported/Unsupported Videos on PS4 with Plex via NAS

Camille Wesley one comments

PS4 is more than a game console. You can also play HD videos on PS4 from USB hard drive. But an USB hard drive can’t store many HD movies, especially when the HD videos are Blu-ray/DVD rips which are usually 5GB or above. So when you want to play videos on PS4, you can choose […]

Play AVI Videos on PS4 Without any hassle

Camille Wesley No Comments

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is not just a home video game console but a meltimedia device for home theater. The PlayStation 4 system software also supports to stream video files from DLNA media servers and USB drives using the Media Player app. However, altough PS4 supports various video format, you may still meet some video playback issue on PS4 via media server […]

The 88th Academy Award Nomination Contenders and Categories

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The 88th Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on February 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California at 5:30 p.m. PST / 8:30 p.m. EST. And the nominees for the 88th annual Academy Awards were announced several days ago in Los Angeles, setting the stage for the next few weeks of Oscar campaigning. Let’s get right to the nominees, starting with […]

Best DVD to PS4/PS3 Converter Reviews in 2017

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PS3, PS4 support to play DVD directly. But they only can play DVD bought in the same region as the game console manufactured.  In this case, you may need to rip DVD to region free with DVD Ripper. Here shows you top DVD to PS4/PS3/PSP converter software that can backup DVD without quality loss. The PlayStation […]

How to Play MKV on PS4 Without any hassle?

Camille Wesley No Comments

A Media Player icon will appear in the PS4 content area and it works with both your home server and when plugging a USB stick with media. People are happy to see that MKV support was added. But it has strict strict requirements of MKV files:Visual: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2Audio: MP3, AAC LC, AC-3(Dolby Digital)However, All […]

Make an Australia Blu-ray Region-free for PS4 in India

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Since PS3/PS4 claims that they can support Blu-ray playback, game fans get so excited. But later, more and more feedback reveals that many issues occur while PS3/PS4 consumers play Blu-ray on their PS3/PS4:“Why is the Just Dance 2014 Blu-ray disc I got shipped from Australia not working on my PS4 in India? How do I […]

Watch Halloween Disney Movies on PS4/PS3/PSP

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Summary: For Kids, a great Halloween night would not be complete without best Halloween movies. If you have collected some Halloween themed movies and plan to play these Halloween movies on Halloween party with your kids, check the solution below to see how to convert Halloween movies for unlimited Halloween movie watching on PS4/PS3/PSP.Hot Search: […]

Watch Blu-ray Movies on PS Vita

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Sony PlayStation Vita is more than a game console for its OLED high-resolution widescreen. Many people prefer to watch movies with it when they are on the trip for it is really portable. And many PS Vita holders wonder if they can watch their favorite Blu-ray movies on PS Vita but they always get disappointed […]