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Pavtube DVDAid Review: Is It The Best DVD Ripper?

You would have certainly spent a lot of money and efforts in building up your personalized DVD library. However, as the DVD-based technology is fast becoming outdated, you need to rip them all in a digital format to be able to access it easily across multiple devices and platforms, anywhere and at any time. This is where DVD ripper software can come in handy!

If you are looking for a DVD ripper that helps you convert all the media files on your discs into a format that runs smoothly without a DVD player, we suggest using Pavtube DVDAid. It is not just easy to use and powerful but also offers a number of features that streamline the entire conversion process and enable you to enjoy your movies, irrespective of the device you choose. The software is optimized for a rich array of file formats, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and much more.

So whether you want to rip an entire movie, extract a specific portion/clip of a film or just create backup copies for use in the future, you can do it all with this well-coded DVD ripping software.

What Makes Pavtube DVDAid The Right Choice?

You can effortlessly rip, convert, edit and do so much more with this easy to use robust Pavtube DVDAid application! It has a simple interface with clear instructions that are to be followed to achieve desirable results. Here is a glimpse at some of its key features:

Conversion Options

Pavtube comes power-packed with a decent library of output profiles, making it easier for users to convert a DVD for particular file types and devices. Just load the disc into this application, select the preferred file format or device from the library, and begin the rip! 

  • Users can convert a DVD into audio or video files like MP4, MKV, RMVB, FLV, AVI, etc., and for a range of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. 
  • The profile library also includes the latest gaming systems like PS4, Xbox One and Wii.

You can convert the video content into the standard as well as High Definition format as per your requirement and preference.

Customizable Tools

Besides making it easy to convert a DVD into video or audio clips, Pavtube DVDAid allows users to fine-tune the technical aspects of videos like bitrates, frame rates, aspect ratios, codecs, resolution, etc., before you start to rip them.

  • There is a built-in video editor that enables users to trim unwanted footage, add watermarks, crop videos, rotate files, adjust color, contrast, brightness, saturation & volume, as well as edit subtitles. What more? The software detects the available subtitles and audio tracks and creates a list, enabling users to select the relevant ones. 
  • With a basic 3D movie creator, users can also create 3D movies on their own from 2D DVD files by choosing from 6 different 3D modes which include Red/Blue, Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, and Side-by-Side.

Devices Supported

Pavtube DVDAid can convert your media files stored in a DVD into audio/ video for playback on a wide variety of devices like iPhone 7, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 3, Galaxy Note 7, HTC 10, etc. For example, if you use iPhone 7 and you want to watch a DVD you bought a few years back on this device, you would require a DVD ripper that converts the DVD into an audio or video file easily accessible on your iPhone. You just need to select the iPhone 7 option from the output profile library and start to rip.

Furthermore, users can also share the files easily on blogs, websites, YouTube and several other platforms.

Do Away with Disc Restrictions

To ensure an enhanced DVD movie experience, Pavtube DVDAid can rip both commercial and non-commercial DVD disc as well as remove disc region code restrictions.

Complete Help and Support

Pavtube provides its users with complete help and support in the form of Sales FAQs, Technical FAQs, and comprehensive user guide – providing you every bit of information about the product and how to use it. Users can also connect with their technical staff/ support personnel through the query form available on the website.

The Good

  1. The intuitive interface makes it easier for beginners to create audio/ video files from DVDs and edits specific clips. 
  2. There are options to adjust brightness, saturation and contrast levels. 
  3. Preview screen shows he changes made.

The Bad

  1. The one and only factor which downplays this software is the amount of time it takes to rip a DVD. However, it can be compensated with the superior quality results this application yields.


Pavtube DVDAid software is a unified and powerful application that provides users with an intuitive interface and makes it easy for them to convert a DVD into an audio/video file for easy access across a variety of platforms and devices. It delivers high-quality results, provided you are not in a hurry. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices for DVD ripping software.


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