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Best Blu-ray Ripper: Magic vs Pavtube

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Blu-ray is becoming more and more important in our life. Watch the Blu-ray movie, listen to the music on Blu-ray, make the Blu-ray video by yourself, etc. Whatever you do, you can’t ignore these facts: Most Blu-ray is protected by region doce, CSS, UOP, etc. If you want to play them smoothly, your Blu-ray player […]

How to Play MP4 on PS4 Pro From USB

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Why PS4 Pro Won’t Play MP4? We get the information from PS4 Pro official website the that PS4 Pro can support the MP4 video format, however, there are many people can’t play the MP4 on PS4 Pro successfully, we get the main issues that user feedback online when user play MP4 on PS4 Pro, and […]

Can Xbox 360 play MP4 files?

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Can I play mp4 files on the Xbox 360? Generally, MP4 is just file extension of MPEG-4 container, which can contain various types of codecs. So when you are asking if Xbox One 360 supports to play MP4 files, the answer will be yes, but it has to be supported combination of those. The Xbox […]

How to Watch a Blu-ray on Xbox One without internet?

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Your Xbox One console includes a Blu-ray drive to enable you to play Blu-ray games or videos on XBox One. But it needs internet connection to play Blu-ray movies on Xbox One. If you ever want to use your Xbox One to play Blu-ray without connecting to Xbox Live, you can set your console to […]

How to Play a DVD on Xbox One without internet?

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Apart from professional DVD Players such as Philips DVP3690K Ultra DVD Player, Xbox One is also an excellent DVD Player which can play both DVD and Blu-ray. Of course, it also allows you to play DVD games as the professional game console. Xbox One can play your DVD videos with internet connecting Xbox Live and […]

Copy and Put Your DVDs to a Movie Server

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For the past few years, many people have been researching a build for a new home server for personal backups and media streaming. A movie server allows you to quickly view your entire collection on the screen. Large collections can be searched, sorted or filtered by genre, rating, title, actor or other parameters for quick […]

How to Watch 3D Blu-ray on Xbox One S?

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XBox One S includes an inbuilt UHD Blu-Ray player which can be used for DVD, Blu-Ray or the newer UHD discs. Moreover, in Xbox One support page, it says that Xbox One supports 3D Blu-ray discs when played on 3D TVs. But your Blu-ray settings should be set right on the dashboard and you also need to switch it into 3d mode on your […]

VLC won’t play my .tivo file, how to do?

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VLC seems to be omnipotent to play HEVC, Blu-ray, DVD, MKV, etc. But it will meet its waterloo in Tivo files. VLC can’t play Tivo files: "I just installed Stinky’s MPEG-2 Codecs, and WMP 11 plays my .tivo files just fine.  How can I get VLC to play them as well?" "Does anyone know if […]

How to Setup Xbox/PS4 controller with HTC Vive?

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This page instructs you how to set up PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 controller with HTC Vive to play games and watch videos. You can watch the instructions by clicking the corresponding title below to read the relevant tutorial. How to Set up an Xbox One controller with the HTC Vive? How to Set up […]

Xbox One/Xbox One S Supported MKV and how to play all MKV?

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Main reason for getting one Xbox One S for many people would be the attraction of a UHD disk player. For those who never really have a 4K Blu-ray before now but they many in the future perhaps whould like to play some occasional MKV. So will the Xbox One S be able to play […]

Blu-ray Region Hack for JVC XVNA70BK player

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All Blu-ray Players have a common disadvantage that they only can play Blu-ray and DVD discs with some certain region codes. That’s because each Blu-ray Player is designed for only one region. But it is lucky that we can make our Blu-ray discs region free for our Blu-ray players. Below is just a question from […]

Which the Best Blu-ray Ripper, ByteCopy or BDMagic?

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Only if you have some Blu-ray Disc or DVD collection, you may need a Blu-ray/DVD Ripping & Copying program to help you rip Blu-ray and DVD to mobile phone for watching on the go or stream Blu-ray and DVD movies with Plex on HD TV, PS4 Pro with needing Blu-ray Player. Pavtube, as the leader […]

Convert AVI to Play with QuickTime

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There might be some old files in AVI container in your local movie library cause AVI was very popular a long time ago. And if you want to play some non-DVD video on DVD Player, AVI is also a good choice. Facing with so many AVI video, how can you do if you want to […]

Guide: Play BD-R aka BDMV on Xbox One

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Does Xbox One support BD-R aka BDMV? How to play Blu-ray rips, main movie as BDMV folder only, in Xbox One? Do you also have the same question? If so, just read on please. You will find the reason that why Xbox One can’t play BD-R aka BDMV and the solution to play BD-R aka […]