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Best Way to Watch DVD on Xiaomi Mi Box

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A Xiaomi Mi Box can connect to a big movie world, you can connect it to the Android TV 6.0 for getting wider visual experience. You can enjoy shows from YouTube, Sling TV, Netflix, Vudu, FandangoNOW and more. For DVD fans, it’s really a precious chance to watch DVD on TV with Xiaomi Mi Box, […]

Can’t Play MP4 on WD TV Live? Fixed!

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For people who likes to watch and share movies with friends and family, WD TV Live you must have one which can support many media files, like: MKV, MP4, XVID, AVI, WMV, MOV and more. You also can enjoy the movie by the small and convenient USB, also you can enjoy the movies o TV […]

Best Way to Play MP4 Video on LG TV

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Have you Taken Action to Play Any MP4 Video on LG TV? Do you have many MP4 videos on your PC, Mac or smartphone? Want to get rid of the small screen and share the favorite MP4 video on LG TV with family and friends? Sound so great, right? Most LG TV old customer think […]

How to Transfer iPhone videos to NAS for Samsung Smart TV

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Why Need to Move iPhone videos to NAS for Samsung Smart TV? iPhone is the smartphone boss which has the biggest users on the world, most users like iPhone beautiful appearance design, high stability, advanced burglar design. To video or movie devotees, the iPhone screen is small, also the storage is not enough, you have […]

How to Watch Video on Sony TV via SD Card

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What video do you usually watch on Sony TV? Hollywood movie? Romantic movies? I believe watch the wedding video on Sony TV is the nicest thing: Father, mother, daughter are laying on sofa, enjoy the happy wedding video, share the most important moment in life. Most users like to record the wedding video on DVD […]

How to Play MP4 on Samsung TV

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MP4 is the most popular video format which can be supported by multiple video player. MP4 can hold different video and audio codec, this advantages also takes some troubles for user to play  MP4 on Samsung TV, following collect the main issues taht user meet when playing MP4 on Samsung TV. Video and Audio codec […]

Play Popular Adult 3D Porn XXX Videos on Mac, PC, TV, Mobiles

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! Warning: The content is inappropriate for readers under 18! As an adult, it will be understood that you have the desire. And there are many online websites to watch HD 3D xxx video clips and 3D HQ porno movies such as the famous XXX Tube Dot. But is there a way to view 4K/1080p Adult 3D Porn XXX Videos on […]

Create Lossless MKV movie for HDTV Out of BD/DVD/ISO

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Having a plan to free up some space, many people try to rip their Blu-rays and DVDs to NAS to stream/sync to DLNA-compliant HD Smart TVs. Since NAS has large storage space, many people are not overly concerned about file size, and would prefer the lossless quality video and audio possible. The best format for […]

Rip Blu-ray for TV Streaming Without Operating a Blu-ray Player

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It is easy for common people to change Blu-ray disc in Blu-ray Player and then view Blu-ray movies on wide screen TV. But for a disabled and bed-ridden one, it will be hard to play Blu-ray movies with Blu-ray Player on TV. So how to enable them to watch Blu-ray movies on TV without operating […]

How to Transcode H.265/HEVC to Samsung Smart TV?

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High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC, or H.265) is the latest video compression standard developed by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG).  HEVC is able to compress video up to twice as efficiently as AVC, letting you encode a video in a file that is about half the size of AVC at the same quality level. […]

Copy DVD to Exteral Hard Drive For Streaming on TV/Laptop/PC

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No matter it is an expansive collection of DVDs or a lot of older DVDs sitting around in your house, copying these DVDs to an External Hard Drive would be a great way to streaming. Once made backups of your DVD collection to Exteral Hard Drive, you can stream your DVD movies on HD TV […]

View 4K videos on Samsung TV via Roku 4

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4K is the mainstreaming in the future, that’s why 4K TV having eaten more market share than 3D TV. But it doesn’t mean you can play 4K video only on a 4K TV. For example, you can play 4K video on Samsung TV via Roku 4 since Roku 4 supports video files with 4k resolution. […]

2017 Best 5 4K Video Converter for Mac [macOS Sierra included]

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People love 4K video but not all your media players and devices can play 4K content. In most case, when you want to play or edit 4K content, you need to compress the grand 4K to 1080p, 720p even lower resolution. For example, powerful as VLC, although it updated as the first media player to […]

[2017] Top 5 4K Video Converter for Windows

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Are you looking for a professional 4K Video Converter? Here gathered around top 5 4K Video Converters for Windows for you.  Hope you can find the ideal one for you.  4K technology seems to be on the cusp of taking over the HD digital media world, from TV screens to computer monitors to cameras and projectors, 4K screen […]

Copy Blu-ray to Kodi Playing on Sony Android TV

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It will be a bad news for Kodi lovers that only some Sony Android TV can use Kodi to play videos. Your Samsung, LG, Panasonic TV has seldom models can use Kodi. For those who want to play Blu-ray with Kodi on TV, your wide screen can be Sony Bravia KD-65x9005B or other Sony Android TV […]

Move Blu-ray/DVD Collection to HTPC for Samsung TV Streaming

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You’ve been doing many reading, and you are interested in what it would take to put your entire Blu-ray/DVD collection onto HDD, and run the whole system from a HTPC to stream your Blu-ray/DVD movies on Samsung TV. You maybe have done numerous questions, did you get answers? When you get a Blu-ray or DVD, […]

Supported AVI on Samsung TV – Play All AVI on Samsung TV

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You can see AVI on Samsung supported video and audio format list but you still can’t play your AVI files on your Samsung TV? And most strangely is that from time to time, your certain AVI files could be played on Samsung Smart TV and you don’t know why. Is there difference between Samsung TV playable AVI […]

Make 3D MKV Playable on Samsung Active 3D UE55H6400

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Television is a convenient source of entertainment. with a wide screen TV, you can enjoy the blockbuster when it is availble on Blu-ray/DVD or streaming sites instead of going to the theater spending lots of money. And the appearance of 3D TVs allow people not only can enjoy normal 2D movie but also 3D movies at home. […]

How to play 3D ISO files on Samsung 3D Smart TV in 3D Mode?

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Not in theater, you can still enjoy 3D movies on 3D TV with 3D Glasses. But from time to time, the 3D content will be hard to find and even though you got some 3D movies like The Walk 3D ISO files, the movie being honored for 88th Academy Awards, you still can’t play the 3D ISO images […]

Convert Oscars Blu-rays to Samsung BD-JM57C Blu-ray Player for Vizio TV

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The Oscar 2016 Nominations feed the Blu-ray collectors with many new choices such as The Revenant, The Martian, Star Wars, Spotlight. If you boughgt those Oscar Blu-ray and want to play them on your Vizio TV, you may need a Blu-ray Player. Samsung BD-JM57C Blu-ray Player with lots of fans may be a nice choice tohelp you […]