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Top 10 Cloud Storage in 2018

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无标题文档 Cloud storage services are perfect for sharing files with friends and families, keeping documents in sync between all of your devices, and so much more. If you can get the free cloud storage, that is better! There really are no-strings-attached, free cloud storage services out there. Many of them, actually. While nearly all have premium offerings that provide […]

Top 5 4K Ultra HD Projectors You Will Like

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At present, the 4K video is more and more popular which provides the high video resolution. When you get the 4K video, movies, TV shows or video games, how do you enjoy the 4K content? Most user choose the 4K TV which is an old way to play video, games. Is there any other better […]

Best ISO to MP4 Video Converter for Windows/Mac

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You can create ISO image files of DVDs for digital backup on hard drive, external disk or online storage system easily, it’s difficult to play ISO image file directly, even though the ISO file is smaller than Blu-ray or DVD disc, there are few media players support the ISO playback. By contrast, MP4 is more […]

Backup Blu-ray to QNAP TS-231P: Keep Multiple Audio and Subtitle Streams

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It’s common that backup Blu-ray to digital video formats for NAS storage which can keep the Blu-ray for longer time and reduce the Blu-ray disc storage space. Recently, the new QNAP TS-231P is popular among people, which is a combination of speed and efficiency that’s well suited to the home or small office. How do you […]

Nintendo Switch cannot play Blu-rays and DVDs? Fixed!

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For Nintendo Switch old customer, this is not a secret: Nintendo Switch cannot provide the disc drive for DVD and Blu-ray movie. Not being able to play disc movies isn’t a big deal at all. Especially for DVD and Blu-ray disc collector, lacking of blu-ray means nothing. That’s bound to mean something to all those […]

Stream 4K Videos to TiVo BOLT+ Via Mac (masOS High Sierra)

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Have You Met the Following Issues When You Are Stream 4K videos to TiVo BOLT+? 4K videos is on the cutting edge of screen resolution technology, especially the new 4K UHD video which has attracted a lot of 4K video fans. This new format quickly stands out from obvious video formats due to all kinds […]

Optimizing MP4 Video for Fast HTTP Streaming

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With the decline of Flash and the explosive rise of mobile devices, more and more content is being delivered as HTML5 video. As of 2016, H.264 encoded video stored in an MP4 container file (which I’ll just simply call an MP4 video) has emerged as the standard format for all online HTML5 video. MP4 videos are basically HTML5 encoded videos that are […]

Improve 4K Video Conversion Speed With NVIDIA GPU Acceleration

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Currently, the amount of amateur 4K video being created and made public on the web is growing at a very rapid pace. This is because the number of devices that let anybody with a minor budget film at least a moderately decent ultra HD video are proliferating left and right in all sorts of varieties. […]

Easiest Way to Convert VIDEO_TS to MP4 on Mac

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Have you copied DVD to Video-TS folder on Mac? With times goes by, you maybe find that you can’t play these Video-TS file nor edit them on your Mac. To use Video-TS folder, you simply need to convert these Video-TS to MP4 video files. With this guide you’ll be able to transcode Video-TS to MP4 […]

3 Ways to Convert IFO Files to MP4 in H.265/H.264

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If you open a DVD in Windows Explorer or My Computer and double-click on an .ifo file on the DVD, the DVD may not start or play. If DVD playback starts, it may be incomplete, the playback may not function properly, and some chapters may not be available. That is because the .ifo (and backup […]

Copy HD Sex Porn DVD Movies in a Clean and Safe Way

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Rumor says that Blu-ray will replace DVD and the result of DVD is dead. But in one field, HD DVD is the forever – Porn Movies. After all, spending too much money on a film that the only effect is to make you wank is a waste. So Porn movies on HD DVD will be […]

Play Popular Adult 3D Porn XXX Videos on Mac, PC, TV, Mobiles

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! Warning: The content is inappropriate for readers under 18! As an adult, it will be understood that you have the desire. And there are many online websites to watch HD 3D xxx video clips and 3D HQ porno movies such as the famous XXX Tube Dot. But is there a way to view 4K/1080p Adult 3D Porn XXX Videos on […]

MPC-HC vs. VLC, Which is better video player?

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A video player on Windows determines what video format you can play on Windows and what files you can watch. On Windows, there are two popular media players: Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) and VLC Video Player. But there must be a better one in any two things. So, Which is the better […]

How to Stream 4K Ultra HD content with Chromecast Ultra?

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The main feature of Google’s new product Chromecast Ultra is to support 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR. However, to access a 4K streaming, buying a Chromecast Ultra is only part of the equation. In order to stream a the highest-available resolution you’ll need a few different pieces to come together. Namely you need a display that […]

Backup Blu-ray/DVD to USB Drive for Raspberry Pi 2 Based Media Center

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Raspberry Pi based Extreme XBMC Media Center allows you to manage your media library and play any of your unencrypted digital movies by attaching a USB drive. This unit itself is small enough to sit hidden out of the way and runs silently. You wouldn’t even know it was there. It would be a great […]