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Can’t Play MP4 on WD TV Live? Fixed!

Camille Wesley No Comments

For people who likes to watch and share movies with friends and family, WD TV Live you must have one which can support many media files, like: MKV, MP4, XVID, AVI, WMV, MOV and more. You also can enjoy the movie by the small and convenient USB, also you can enjoy the movies o TV […]

Transcoding audio in MKV from AAC to AC3 5.1 to play on WDTV

Camille Wesley No Comments

As we all know, AAC is a common audio codec which is mainly used in MKV or MP4 format container. However, sometimes MKV with AAC may not work very well on WDTV in the following situations. Why my MKV in AAC cannot be played with media players like WDTV? I’m only getting 2 channel sound […]

Can I play Commercial DVDs on WD TV Mini Media Player?

Camille Wesley No Comments

Do you want to play commercial DVDs on WD TV Mini Media Player? If you’re interested in doing likewise while having no idea about how-to, keeping reading a brief guide below. Here, you can simply connect WD TV Mini to your TV, plug a USB-connected storage into the player and you are ready to enjoy […]

How to Play Blu-ray on WD TV Live Plus Smoothly?

Camille Wesley No Comments

Blu-ray not only can be played via Blu-ray Player. It also could be ripped and streamed on other multimedia players, which natively don’t support Blu-ray, like Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Popcorn Hour A-400, WD TV Live Plus, etc. This operation is easy with the help of Blu-ray ripping products on the market. And no matter ripping Blu-ray to what device, […]