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How to Import and Edit the Videos in VideoPad

Camille Wesley No Comments

VideoPad is a free and beginner-friendly video editing package that makes an ideal replacement for the defunct Windows Movie Maker. In just a few minutes you’ll have mastered its well designed toolkit and be ready to start creating your own masterpiece ready to upload straight to YouTube or Facebook, or in a format optimized for […]

Video on USB Wont Play? Fixed!

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USB flash drive is small and easy to take, we often like to store the video in USB and inert the USB to PC or TV for playback, this way is so convenient. However, some users meet the terrible: Media player can’t play the video in USB? What’s happening? We collect the common phenomenon and […]

How to Watch Youtube on Nintendo Switch?

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As known to all: The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a web browser – well, not one you can see when you first boot up the console, anyway. However, there is one present on the system and if you’re willing to do a little fiddling behind the scenes you can access it and use it to surf the […]

How To Solve Subtitle Delay Issue

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Recently, I get in trouble: The external subtitles (.srt) being out of sync when playing a movie on different devices. I’ve tried it on a mac, pc and TV. When playing the file with vlc player, they are perfectly aligned (obviously without any adjustments). They are out of sync by about 5 secs. I can’t […]

How to Watch 3D Movies Without 3D TV

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3D videos are good, but watching 3D videos needs many tools, like the 3D TV or a computer with 3D capable video-card and/or 3D capable monitor, if you have the 3D videos, don’t have these 3D devices, how to play the 3D videos? You are lucky to be here, you can get the skill to […]

How to Convert Yify Video to AVI

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For most movie fans, YIFY Torrents is really the best place to get the multiple videos, like the  excellent DVD, 720p, 1080p and 3D videos. Getting the Yify videos are usually the MP4 and MKV videos which are limited for the countless media player and devices. Recently, we get the most users’ feedback is that […]

Vudu Compares to Netflix: Which is Better?

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There are many famous online streaming movie service, like the ​Netflix , Hulu Plus, Vudu, etc. You can get the perfect video form these video streaming apps. For some TV beginner, which video streaming app do you like best? From the users’ feedback, Netflix , and Vudu attract the best evaluation due to the excellent […]

Best 3D Media Player for PC

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Now , 3D movies are more and more amazing, you not only can watch the 3D videos on the theatre, also can watch the 3D videos at home, you can install one 3D media player on PC or Mac, then watching the 3D videos on PC or Mac with the 3D glasses, you even can […]

Best and Free IFO to MP4 Video Converter

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IFO file is the counter part of a VOB file containing the information for chapters, subtitles and audio tracks of the video. For many users, playing IFO file is a trouble due to the limited IFO player, by contrast, MP4 is a popular video format which is wide used in many media players, game consoles, portable […]