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Play DVDs with Chapter Markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

Play DVDs with Chapter Markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

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BD/DVD Player

Mention to DVD movie, the biggest difference between with common movie is that DVD movies are with DVDs with chapter markers. When user plays the DVD movie, the long time movie must need the clear DVDs with chapter markers which can help you to know the movie well and watch the movie some clips from different moment at will. However, not all the DVD player can play DVDs with chapter markers on Mac. In addition, some DVD movie is protected by different DVD protection, user find a DVD ripper to rip and backup DVD, then get a new DVD which is without chapter markers, so terrible. Following will show you the best way to play DVDs with chapter markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra).

How to Play DVDs with Chapter Markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra)?

Some Mac user know the VLC player which is the native media layer on Mac, however, the latest DVD protection, this media player can’t remove, user have to find a third DVD Ripper software to rip DVD, then play DVD on VLC. Is there a software which can rip all DVD protection and play DVD with chapter markers? Thankfully to ByteCopy for Mac which cna realize the great idea, user load any DVD into this software and watch DVD on the preview window, at the same time, this program is a perfect DVD Ripper, user can omport and watch DVD without any hinder.

trial buy

Step 1. Click above download link. If user juat need to watch some few DVD movies, user can choose the trial version which is free. If user is a DVD fan and collect many DVD, can buy this software,it’s not expensive, just $42, you can own it forever

Step 2. After the simple installation, run Pavtube ByteCopy software, put source DVD into PC DVD drive. Click “Load Disc” button to import movie files from DVD. The software decrypts DVD copy-protections of all regions. The DVd Ripper can detect the DVD main tile automatically which avoids you wasting time to choose main title from a number of movie titles.

Step 3. Choose the main charpter to watch the movie, also you can choose ang charpter you like to watch.

load dvd movie

More Options to Play DVDs with Chapter Markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

If you think this DVD Ripper just can rip DVD protection and play DVD with with chapter markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra), you will be suprisied by the following introductions. This DVD Ripper can be the best DVD bodyguard, in other words, user can backup DVD to digital video format which can get rid of the frail DVD plastic material.

Except the DVD protection, user don’t worry about the huge DVD storage space, just need small space for digital video files, you can create your own DVD library. This DVD Ripper can rip and back DVD to lossless MKV which can keep all the DVD movie charpters and multiple subtitle streaming, audio tracks, also user can choose to keep and remove some subtitles or audio tracks. User also can choose to backup DVD to multi-track MP4 which can keep the DVD charpters and multiple audio track.

Get the DVD digital video format, user can watch DVD on TV, PC, iPad, etc. It’s so convenient. What’s more, user can get 3D video from DVD, just convert DVD to 3D video format. Want to know more information about the powerful DVD Ripper, user can read this review.

Rip and Backup DVD with Chapter Markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra)

Step 1. Load DVD to DVD Ripper

This step is similar to above, just open the DVd Ripper ans insert DVD to PC, then click "File", choose “Load Disc” to import the DVD to this software. Alos user can load Blu-ray to this software.

Step 2. Choose Output Video Format

This step is important, user can choose MKV or MP4 2 types, this software can output the high 100% lossless DVD movie quality. User can click "Format", at the drop down list, choose "Multi-track Video" >"Lossless/edcoded Multi-track MKV (*.mkv)"which can keep the all the DVD chapters, subtitles, audio tracks. By the way, Blu-ray to MKV or MP4 with multiple tracks is supported by this software.


Step 3. Set the MKV Video

At the lower right corner, user can click "Setting" and enter the video setting menu, at here, user have the right to keep or remove any audio or subtitles you want or unwant. Just click the Check, DVD movie is decvoded by yourself. Then click OK, all the setting will be saves.

adjust multi-task settings

Step 4. Start DVD Conversion

Have you chosen the wanted option? After all the setting is done, go back to the main interface, click the “Convert” button to backing up DVD movie to multi-track lossless MKV with chapter markers in the file. Wait for a while user can get a new MKV file with the chapter markers, audio tracks as well as subtitles streams.

Is it easy?Amazing, so complicated problem, just 3 clicks, all issues are solved. Best of all, this excellent DVD Ripper alos can work on Windows well, at the same time, user can rip and backup DVD to lossless MKV or Blu-ray too. Have this DVD Ripper, user don’t worry DVD issue any more, just enjoy the DVDs with Chapter Markers on Mac (macOS High Sierra)


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