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Top 5 4K Ultra HD Projectors You Will Like

Top 5 4K Ultra HD Projectors You Will Like

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At present, the 4K video is more and more popular which provides the high video resolution. When you get the 4K video, movies, TV shows or video games, how do you enjoy the 4K content? Most user choose the 4K TV which is an old way to play video, games. Is there any other better solution to get the amazing 4K experience? You may forget the 4K Ultra HD Projectors which provides the wider visual field, you can sit closer to the screen comfortably for a truly immersive 4K experience. Using the 4K Ultra HD Projector and create your own 4K home theater.

Why Choose the 4K Ultra HD Projectors?

*Scale Up Your Screen: You can cast the 4K video on the whole wall and get the wider screen. When you choose the 4K TV, you will have a hard time finding televisions over 90″, the price is also very expensive, by contrast, most 4K projectors work with screens as large as 120″, while costing only half the price of a similarly priced television.

* Day or Night is decided by you: Traditional Projector you need a dark environment. 4K projector screens, using more advanced technology than traditional matte white screens, combat this issue by rejecting ambient light that doesn’t come from the precise direction of the projector. You can even enjoy your 4K projector and screen with the lights on, experiencing images with same.

*Zero Screen Glare: All flat-panel TVs contain glass as part of their innate technology. Two-piece projection, on the other hand, operates without the need for back-lighting or glass of any kind, opening the way for technology that reduces reflective glare from light sources in the room or outside.

*Projection Screens: Choose a screen to fit your space. Fixed projector screens can be much larger than most television screens while also lightweight enough to hang on your wall. Or you may want to install a screen that retracts into your ceiling when not in use, for a clean, sleek look.

Top 5 Best 4K Ultra HD Projectors in 2017

Do you want the full cinema experience in the comfort of your own home, you’ll find the right 4K projector from our selection here. We have collected the comprehensive information for you, choose one boldly.

4K UHD Projector Image

No 1. Sony VPLVW675ES

If you demand a stunning media viewing experience with perfect clarity, the Sony VPLVW675ES is the unit for you. Its 1,800 lumens make images easy to see, even in daylight, and its 300,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio makes all of the colors vibrantly pop off the screen.
  • supports hd to 4k upscaling
  • easy auto calibration function
  • smartly placed forward-facing fan
  • Brand Sony
  • Model VPLVW675ES
  • Weight 37 pounds
  • Rating 4.7 / 5.0
No 2. Epson Home Cinema 5040UB Epson Home Cinema 5040UB
The Epson Home Cinema 5040UB comes at an affordable price because it uses 4K enhancement as opposed to true 4K. It has a maximum color and white light brightness rating of 2,500 lumens, and allows for brightness adjustment depending on your viewing situation.
  • produces the entire srgb color range
  • rich deep blacks
  • motorized lens adjustments
  • Brand Epson
  • Model Home Cinema 5040UB
  • Weight 31.7 pounds
  • Rating 4.5 / 5.0
The JVC DLA-X900RKT PREMIUM THX features an intelligent lens aperture that works to give you optimal contrast ratio, creating a vivid, crisp screen image. You’ll also enjoy built-in conversion capabilities for 1080p content.
  • dual hdmi ports
  • onscreen resolution of 3840 x 2160
  • e-shift3 for flicker-free images
  • Brand JVC
  • Model DLAX900RKT
  • Weight 43 pounds
  • Rating 4.8 / 5.0
No 4. Sony VPLVW365ES Sony VPLVW365ES
The Sony VPLVW365ES produces an incredibly true-to-life picture, thanks to its Triluminos display technology, which offers a larger color spectrum than most projectors. You can also enjoy even the fastest live sporting action without any blur.
  • works well in rooms of all sizes
  • accepts 4k mastered blu-ray discs
  • blacks aren’t super deep
  • Brand Sony
  • Model VPLVW365ES
  • Weight 36.4 pounds
  • Rating 4.0 / 5.0
Watch your movies and sports on a big screen with the JVC DLA-X700R. It replicates the movie-going experience by producing a sharp, flicker-free, 4K-enhanced image on large projection screens, or even a white wall in your bedroom, if you so choose.
  • thx-certified surround sound
  • lots of calibration options
  • uses e-shift to replicate 4k
  • Brand JVC
  • Model DLA-X700R
  • Weight 42 pounds
  • Rating 3.9 / 5.0

How to Get the 4K Videos for 4K Ultra HD Projectors?

When you buy the new 4K Ultra HD Projector, next the important job is to get the multiple 4K video for 4K Ultra HD Projector. You can download the 4K video form online and order the 4K content on TV, etc. Have you spent much money on 4K movies? If you have spent much time on collecting the DVD and Blu-ray videos, other common videos, your times is coming: You can get the 4K video vis a professional 4K video converter, like the Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate whcih allows you to load the comon video,like the AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc, you also can load the DVD and Blu-ray disc to it too, at the same time, this software can remove the most DVD and Blu-ray most DVD and Blu-ray copy protection, like the DVD region code, Blu-ray region code, CSS, UOPs, AACS, etc.

You can get the best 4K video format for Samsung 4K TV, LG TV, Apple TV, 4K TV, etc from the common video, DVD and Blu-ray. In addition, you also can convert DVD and Blu-ray to other popular video formats, including the HD video, 4K video and 3D video. Best of all, this 4K video converter supports the GPU acceleration with H.264/H.265 Encoding with NVIDIA CUDA & AMD Technologies, you can get the 30 faster speed than other common 4K video converter.

free mts video converter mts to ppt converter

Step by Step to Get the Multiple 4K Videos for 4K Ultra HD Projectors

Step 1. Load the videos

This 4K video converter can support multiple videos and discs, you can load the 4K video formats for adjusting the video parameters, you also can load other common video files, like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc, You even can load the DVD and Blu-ray disc images to this software. Best of all, you can import one folder to it and do the batch video conversion.

open 4k video converter

Step 2. Choose output 4K video format

Click the Format and oprn the output video list, you need to do 2 steps: First, you need to choose the HD video formats, then you need to adjust the 4K video resolution by clicking the Setting. You have 3 options to do:

  1. Common video > H.264 High Profile video (.*mp4)
  2. HD video > H.265 HD video (.*mp4)
  3. HD video > H.264 HD video (.*mov)

Enter the setting menu and adjust the video resolution to 4K video resolution, like: 3840p. If you want, you also can adjust other video and audio parameters, like: video and audio codec, video frame, video bitrate, etc. By reducing the video resolution, you also can compress 4K video to HD video.

Output Xbox One S and Plex supported 4K formats

Step 3. Start 4K video conversion

After all the settings are finished, you need to go back to the main interface and click Convert button to begin the 4K video conversion quickly. For getting the fastest 4K video conversion, you need to enable the GPU acceleration before the video conversion: Click “Tools” > “Options”, in the opened “Options” window, click “Acceleration” menu, then check “Enable GPU Encode Acceleration” option.

After the setting is done, you need to go back to the main interface and press the Convert button to start the video conversion quickly. Wait for a minute, you can get the 4K video for 4K Ultra HD Projectors.

Enable GPU Encode Acceleration

Benefit Time: 4K Projector Q&A

Q: Will 4K projectors require more lumens than HD or XGA projectors?

A: Lumens are lumens. They’re measured by the projector’s output and are not affected by image resolution. A 5,000 lumen XGA projector will be the same brightness as a 5,000-lumen 4K projector.

Q: Buy new HDMI cables for my 4K projector?

A: Update: probably. To view 4K content on these newer projectors, you’ll need to make sure you’re using an HDMI cable capable of supporting HDMI 2.0, and preferably one that supports HDMI 2.0a signals (for HDR content). If you’re not sure if your cable will work, just give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

Q: When will they be less than $3,000?

A: The good news is, you can buy a 4K enhancement projector for under $3,000 right now. If you absolutely must have native 4K, the answer is ‘we don’t know, but we promise we’ll keep you updated on all the latest developments.’ Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter, for all the 4K updates.


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