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Rapid Nvidia HEVC Encoder: StaxRip and Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Rapid Nvidia HEVC Encoder: StaxRip and Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

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It will be time-consuming to encode video to H.265 in a low-end PC without GPU acceleration. Actually, in Handbrake H.265 encoding test, the quality of the H.265 video and the equivalent H.264 video are basically the same. But when playing HEVC video with VLC on PC, the 13.6% VLC Player was responsible for playing the H.265 encode. The 6.5% VLC Player was playing the original H.264 encode. So, if you only use CPU to encode video, I don’t recommend HEVC codec. Nevertheless, HEVC encoding on a high-end computer gives you smaller size, same quality comparing with Handbrake. And if your computer is geared with GPU-enabled graphics card, you also can get fast HEVC encoding speed.

In addition, one important point is that your HEVC encoder is able to encode video to H.265 utilizing NVIDIA CUDA & NVIDIA NVENC. StaxRip and Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate are excellent two H.265 encoder applications capable of hardware-based video encoding and can drastically decrease encoding time. Only if your computer has CUDA-enabled GPU, you can use StaxRip and Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate to convert video to H.265 at fast speed with the NVIDIA technology.

You can check the list below to see if your GPU is on your computer. If it is, it means your computer has a modern GPU that can take advantage of CUDA-accelerated applications.

NVIDIA Graphics card (CUDA)
CUDA-Enabled Tesla Products
Tesla Workstation Products

Tesla K80/Tesla K40/Tesla K20/Tesla C2075/Tesla C2050/C2070

Tesla Data Center Products

Tesla P100/Tesla P40/Tesla P4/Tesla M40/Tesla K80/Tesla K20/Tesla K10

CUDA-Enabled Quadro Products
Quadro Desktop Products

Quadro P6000//Quadro M6000 24GB/Quadro M6000/Quadro K6000/Quadro M5000/Quadro K5200/Quadro K5000/Quadro M4000/Quadro K4200/Quadro K4000/Quadro M2000/Quadro K2200/Quadro K2000/Quadro K2000D/Quadro K1200/Quadro K620/Quadro K600/Quadro K420/Quadro 410/Quadro Plex 7000

Quadro Mobile Products

Quadro K6000M/Quadro M500M/Quadro K5200M/Quadro K5100M/Quadro M5000M/Quadro K500M/Quadro K4200M/Quadro K4100M/Quadro M4000M/Quadro K3100M/Quadro M3000M/Quadro K2200M/Quadro K2100M/Quadro M2000M/Quadro K1100M/Quadro M1000M/Quadro K620M/Quadro K610M/Quadro M600M/Quadro K510M/Quadro M500M

CUDA-Enabled GeForce Products
GeForce Desktop Products

NVIDIA TITAN X/GeForce GTX 1080//GeForce GTX 1060/GeForce GTX 1050/GeForce GTX TITAN X/GeForce GTX TITAN Z/GeForce GTX TITAN Black/GeForce GTX TITAN///GeForce GTX 970/GeForce GTX 960/GeForcGeForce GTX 980e GTX 950/GeForce GTX 780 Ti/GeForce GTX 780/GeForce GTX 770/

GeForce Notebook Products

GeForce GTX 1080/GeForce GTX 1070/GeForce GTX 1060/GeForce GTX 980/GeForce GTX 980M/GeForce GTX 970M/GeForce GTX 965M/GeForce GTX 960M/GeForce GTX 950M/GeForce 940M/GeForce 930M/GeForce 920M/GeForce 910M

CUDA-Enabled NVS Products
Desktop Products


Mobile Products

NVS 5400M/NVS 5200M/NVS 4200M

StaxRip and Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate HEVC Encode Comparison

HEVC Encoder StaxRip Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate
Supported Input to Encode to HEVC DVD, Video Blu-ray, DVD, Video

1080p movie x265 HEVC encode time:

Star Wars – Force Awakens (2hr 18min 21 GB BDRip original)

* 3.75 hours to re-encode as x265 via CPU 

* 1.8 hours to re-encode an equivalent quality 1080p x265 using the NVIDIA GPU

* 3.1 hours to re-encode as x265 via CPU 

* 1 hours to re-encode an equivalent quality 1080p x265 using the NVIDIA GPU

Supported Output Codec and Formats
XviD, DivX Yes Yes
x264/H264/AVC Yes Yes
x265/H265/HEVC Yes Yes
AVI, MKV, MP4, Yes Yes
M3U8, 3GP, TS, MOV, M4V, NO Yes
MP3, AC3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, .  Yes Yes
Other Features
Adjust A/V parameters Yes Yes
Crop Yes Yes
Trim NO Yes
Split & Merge NO Yes
Add external subtitle NO Yes
Replace/remove audio in video NO Yes
Copy Blu-ray and DVD NO Yes
Keep DTS 5.1/7.1 NO Yes

In short

From the chart above, we can learn that Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is superior to Staxrip no matter in input, output or other features aspects. On the other hand, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a paid software but it deserves it. It has free trial version but the output video will have Pavtube logo watermark in the middle. If you want to remove the watermark, you need to get a full version.

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